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Favignana does not have its own airport but it is well connected by sea with the main towns of Western Sicily, Marsala and Trapani. From Trapani it is possible to get to Favignana in about 30 minutes by hydrofoil (fast ship) or by ferry (for those who travel by car or motorbike). To reach Favignana you need to get to Sicily. Let's find out how.

For Sicilian residents, getting to Favignana is easy and cheap. You will just reach Trapani or Marsala and board to Favignana, choosing from hydrofoil (fast and more expensive), ferry (slower but cheaper, and with the possibility to take a car or motorbike) or private transfer (rubber dinghy, motorboat, sailing boat). For those who have their own car but do not want to board it, it is possible to leave the car in several parking lots, particularly in Trapani. 

For those who choose La Casa dell'Arancio, our staff provide assistance for reservations (also for Car/motorbike parking in Trapani). 


For those who need to get to Sicily before, it requires that you choose between ferry and airplane. In the first case, there are daily connections with Palermo. In the second case, you can choose between two airports: Palermo airport and Trapani airport. 

Below the list of all the possibilities, including our transfer services. Look at our suggestions about transfer services and tours in arrival/departure. 

You can contact us to request about: 

  • Flying booking (we provide air tickets)
  • Ferry booking ( we provide ferry tickets)
  • Shuttle booking (only shuttle or shuttle + air/ferry tickets)
  • Private/exclusive transfer and/or personalised tour                                                                     


  • Fly to Sicily, to Trapani or Palermo
  • Reach Sicily by ferry
  • Private transfer to get around Sicily
  • Car and motorbike parking in Trapani
  • Hydrofoil and ferry to Favignana
  • Visitor centre in Trapani, luggage storage and assistance
  • Shuttle in Favignana
  • Transfer and tour in arrival/departure

Sicily has four main airports (as well as Pantelleria and Lampedusa). The ideal airports to easily reach Favignana are 2: Palermo (Punta Raisi, Falcone Borsellino) and Trapani (Birgi, Vincenzo Florio).  Both are well-connected with the main Italian cities. Palermo airport provides more solutions and has several airline companies. Costs and time to reach Trapani port are not high: 

  • From Trapani airport to Trapani port (route to Favignana): about 25 minutes by transfer/taxi
  • From Palermo airport to Trapani port (route to Favignana): about 50 minutes by transfer/taxi 

NB: our guests can count on us as regards air ticketing and transfer from/to airport 

For further info:

The main Sicilian ports, ideal to easily reach Favignana are that in Trapani and especially that in Palermo. Trapani port is seasonally connected with Sardinia and France. Palermo port is connected with Naples, Civitavecchia, Livorno, Genoa, etc. 

Arriving at Trapani port, boarding to Favignana is very easy (hydrofoil terminal is at the port). Whereas those who arrive in Palermo will have to reach Trapani port by own vehicles ( about 90 minutes by car), by public means or taxi/transfer. 

NB: our guests can count on us as regards air ticketing and transfer from/to airport 

For further info:

You can count on us to organise and book your transfer services that we can provide through our agency or our selected partners which operate in all Sicily. Our means are new, air-conditioned and with Wi-Fi on board.nbsp;

We can provide:

  • Private transfer from/to Palermo airport and Trapani port (for individuals or groups)
  • Private transfer from/to Trapani airport and Trapani port (for individuals or groups)
  • Private transfer from/to Palermo port and Trapani port (for individuals or groups)
  • Personalised tour at arrival/departure (with modifiable itinerary according to your needs)

We can also provide Luxury services, by Mercedes Vito or similar vehicles.

In some cases it is possible you need to leave your car at Trapani port and board to Favignana without any vehicles. In this case we can provide car or motorbike parking in agreement, just a few metres from the terminal and our Visitors Centre at Trapani port.

For info and reservation you can visit the website:

Arriving at Sicily and Trapani or Marsala airport, you can reach Favignana by hydrofoil or ferry.

L’aliscafo è un mezzo veloce e affidabile, impiegato nei collegamenti con le isole minori da oltre 30 anni. La compagnia che offre il servizio è la Liberty Lines. I collegamenti sono piuttosto frequenti, soprattutto in estate. 

Hydrofoil is a fast and reliable way which has been connecting the Islands for more than 30 years. The company which provides the service is Liberty Lines. The connections are frequent, especially in summer. Ferry is less expensive and necessary for those who need to go with their own vehicles. The connections are only 3 a day but they can be delayed because of bad weather.

From August to mid-September there are some limitations as regards cars and motorbikes on the island. 

NB: our guests can count on us to book hydrofoil tickets.

For further information:

Our office is in Trapani where all La Casa dell'Arancio guests can have information and assistance. The Visitor Centre is just 250 metres from the hydrofoil terminal. The address is Via Ammiraglio Staiti, 97.

At our Visitor Centre you can ask about luggage storage service and you can use our free Wi-Fi.

How to reach us:

  • Address: via Ammiraglio Staiti n. 97 – 91100, Trapani
  • Coordinates: 38°00'49.7"N 12°30'53.7"E

You can ask the shuttle service in Favignana for your arrival or departure or for getting around on the island. Contact us for further information about this service which we provide by our own and/or in agreement with our partners.

We can offer our guests transfer services. You will just tell us all the information about your flights (arrival and departure) in order to plan your personalised itinerary and book services: 

  • Exclusive transfer
  • Hydrofoil from/to Favignana
  • Shuttle bus on the island (if necessary)

Would you like more information about our transfer services?


Flight to Palermo/Trapani

It is the best solution for those who mean to spend their holiday without vehicles

Ferry from Italy

It is the best solution for those who prefer getting around in Favignana by own vehicles, car or motorbike


Choose from our special offers the one that suits you best, including 'early booking' offers and last minute and last second rates. All those who book directly through our website are always guaranteed the lowest price.


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